General Information about the raw St. Bernard sculpture

Land of production: Switzerland, handmade

Size: 127 cm high, 133 cm long, 80 cm broad

Weight: approx. 15 kg without concrete base

Material: GFK-UP (glass fiber reinforced polyester), smooth surface, raw, untreated

Color: RAL 7035 light grey

Concrete base: approx. 10 cm high, 90 cm broad, 140 cm long, 260 kg

Name plate (buyer/artist): 1,6mm high, 210 mm long, 148 mm broad

Pretreatment of the raw St. Bernard sculpture

In order to achieve a weather resistance and good adhesion of paint, please note the following in advance:

  • The entire surface need to be sanded cleanly with sandpaper:
    Dry sandpaper, grain size 180
    Wet sandpaper, grain size 280

  • Priming with 2 components epoxy need to be applied immediately (brush or spray)

Artwork of the raw St. Bernard sculpture

After priming, the artwork can be started with:

  • Acrylic

  • Alkyd

  • Oil paint

  • Aerosol spray

  • 2 K-paints

To obtain a weather resistance of the paint, a paint is recommended.

The raw St. Bernard sculpture may also be covered artistically with materials.

We remind that some St. Bernard exhibits are placed outdoor. Therefore, it should be thought of the weather resistance of the materials and artwork in high quality.

Each St. Bernard sculpture will be unique. We let the creative juices flow with the limitation of religious, sexist and racist motives. St. Bernard sculptures that are exhibited in the public space should be in high quality and have artistic issues (artwork or guidance by artist). They should not be commercialized and require a separate agreement. Furthermore, the materials should not extend beyond the concrete base.


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